COMMONd Workflow Optimization TIPs™ will help you achieve greater business value.

Workflow Optimization TIPs™

Many business and clinical processes can be complicated and complex. A precise workflow analysis can improve any process for you and your organization. To ensure that actions have been followed correctly so your organization can optimize all resources through the entire work process, COMMONd Workflow Optimization Technology Integration Practices (TIPs™) will allow your organization to achieve “volume insensitivity” business. As your volume grows, your entity will minimize the linear growth in the number of staff and resources required.

COMMONd Workflow Optimization Technology Integration Practices (TIPs™) will optimize your investments, improve your processes and transaction capabilities and help you achieve greater business value.


COMMONd consultants will incorporate best practices and work with your stakeholders and your teams to thoroughly understand your current workflow(s) of your processes, sub processes, and tasks.


Our alternative workflow diagrams and process mapping will provide a well-defined, executable process. Our team will make certain that the alternative and improved process will include sub processes, tasks, input, output, transfer of data, documentation, responsibilities, and interconnectivity, with all required functionality.


Our improved final workflow mapping will include the changes needed to improve efficiency, decrease errors, and achieve maximized resources for your team.


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COMMONd Security TIPs™ guarantees the neutrality of our deliverables.


Enables management to have a clear view of your existing processes with our SWOT Analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats.

Set realistic expectations on how your organization can achieve goals and attain better workflows

Develop a prioritized list of desired future workflows

Identify the changes and opportunities that will make the most positive impact for your organization

Provides relatively predictable environments for your processes, sub processes, tasks, functionality, security, and growth

Avoid nonfunctional workflows and interoperability barrier scenarios

Increase productivity and customer service

Enable optimization of performance for your organization

Maximize your return on investment


Our Network Security TIPs™ help you protect your network assets from unwanted intrusion in addition to providing a sound and compliant architecture.


COMMONd Data Breach Prevention will provide your organization with the Do’s and the Don’ts of a well-defined and well-planned governance for disaster recovery.

HIPAA ‘Omnibus’

HIPAA Omnibus TIPs™ provide your organization with a sound, effective and complete HIPAA security compliant mechanism.


Our innovative Always There, Always Safe and Always Secure solutions will allow you to minimize risks and disruptions as well as meet regulatory requirements.


Our Audit TIPs™ give you comprehensive data to help your organization eliminate unnecessary expenditures for your network infrastructure.


COMMONd Virtualization TIPs™ create a seamless, always-there data flow. Our solutions will help you reduce the cost of IT development and protect your data security.


COMMONd Virtualization TIPs™ create a seamless, responsive data flow, and improve your IT organization’s responsiveness.


COMMONd Clustering TIPs™ vastly improve the performance and availability of your application operations, data sharing and failure management.

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