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Data Held Hostage.
Fast data recovery saves lives.

 ePHI is the lifeblood of any health organization, but data has also become the new currency for the bad guys. Ransomware attacks have become a daily occurrence. Malware can bankrupt your facility. Healthcare organizations and their data face daily risks from outside and inside the organization. No matter how prepared you are, a breach can have life-threatening consequences for the patients you serve, erode stakeholder trust, and even put you out of business.

Organizations who know exactly what data they have, where it is and how long it will take to restore are more resilient, are less vulnerable to data extortion, and have shorter down times – saving lives and saving your organization money.

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Our Network Security TIPs™ help you protect your network assets from unwanted intrusion and provide your organization with a sound and compliant architecture.


With COMMONd Data Breach Prevention and Management TIPs™, your organization will benefit from the do’s and the don’ts of a well-defined and well-planned governance for response.


COMMONd Technology High Availability TIPs™ will be a great asset protection mechanism for your CIA (confidentiality, Integrity and availability) for your organization. Our architecture will help you find the right balance between high availability, privacy, security, access and cost.


COMMONd Disaster Recovery TIPs™ will be a great asset protection mechanism, with the right balance between high availability, data replication, privacy, security, access and cost for your organization.


COMMONd teleWork TIPs™ will allow your organization to move toward teleWork infrastructure maturity with stability, scalability and security.

HIPAA ‘Omnibus’

HIPAA Omnibus TIPs™ will provide your organization with a sound, effective and complete HIPAA security compliant deployment with full life-cycle data breach security management.


Our Audit TIPs™ will give you a comprehensive collection of reports to help your organization eliminate unnecessary expenditures and streamline your network infrastructure.


COMMONd Virtualization TIPs™ create a seamless, responsive data flow. Our solutions can help you reduce the cost of IT development, distribute your critical assets, efficiently protect your data, and improve your IT organization's responsiveness.