What is cloud computing? Can your organization have its own cloud?

Privately, there are executives that have mocked the use of public cloud in the past, and for good reason:

First: Management and Security. There are a number of security issues/concerns associated with cloud computing. There are security issues faced by cloud providers, and there are security issues faced by their clients. In addition, there are privacy and regulation challenges.

Second: Service Level Agreement (SLA) and management areas are now provided at additional cost. The better the SLA and management, the more it will hit your bottom line.

Last but not least: Speed and bandwidth…enough said!

Now — can you have your private cloud? Can we have the flexibility, scalability and the “storybook” of your own data center so that you can control the cost and regulate the security that is required for your data? Can your team have complete management and access for your enterprise network infrastructure?

Can you have the scalability, speed, and time-to-market benefits of a public cloud service without the recurring costs to a service provider?
Can you have your cake and eat it too?

Despite skepticism, the Private Cloud is taking shape and maturing quickly. The technologies underlying it are pretty obvious, beginning with virtualization (for easy scalability, flexible resource management, and maximum hardware utilization) and data center automation such as clustering and load balancing (for auto-provisioning and high-availability) as well as site(s) replication (for disaster recovery). We now have our own cloud!

Virtualization, clustering and site replication in implementing a private cloud infrastructure brings unique rewards for customers and tenants of a public cloud service. Your private cloud improves the relationship amongst the users, operating systems, application, data, security, SLA and underlying hardware. You now have 100% control with regard to security, management, access, computing resources, and storage—without ceding control or security. And there are NO monthly recurring costs!

Using COMMONd’s Innovation Center for private cloud computing, we have a proven unique package of technologies and solutions that comprise our private cloud solution for healthcare and enterprises.

In short, our private cloud solution offers clients the opportunity to reduce both operational and capital expenses through a fixed-price solution while upgrading their capabilities, improving SLA and hardening security. This will help enable greater technology and business performance.

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